Evicted – Living in a car to survive

26July2017 at 0900 hrs., I was deemed evicted without notice by the landlord Astrid St. Hillaire, her son, Marc and the Sheriff. Because I refused to leave without my animals, they called the OPP on me and I listened to them calling me names, yelling at me, threatening me for five hours.

I did not know until 3 weeks later that the Sheriff had posted on the front door after I had left the property at 1530 hrs., and Marc was busy changing door lock sets so I could not enter again. No one told me that I had 72  hours to remove my household contents and belongings until I contacted a lawyer 3 weeks later at CALC to file an appeal for my illegal eviction and without any notice or hearing.

I finally figured out how they got it, by stealing the mail from my house and car and keeping it for themselves. All the mail from my lawyers, landlord & tenant board was absent and I did not receive any communication from them since Oct 2016.

The landlord started yelling at me the day I moved in, 01Aug2016. She had left a message on my voice mail, yelling screaming at me at the top of her voice that I was evicted. As my phone had not been working so it would be two weeks before I was able to listen to her rude message. So I unpacked and repacked up and looked for another place to live asap while contacting the Landlord & Tenant Board by 11Aug2016 for illegal entry by her son Marc, on 08Aug2016. He had attended the residence without any notice, walked into the garage and opened the garage door, by the time I reached the back door to let him in. He had blocked my car in with his truck he parked his orange truck directly behind my car so I could not move the property. He spent every day there from Tues to Friday from 0800 hrs., to 1730 hrs., he left on the last day he left at 1130 hrs., after threatening me and his mother threatening me with eviction. She had told me her son was going to take me in his car to a bank which was over 60 kms away one way to get money to pay my rent.

I had already paid it, before I moved in. It had cost me over 3,000.00 of which I charged her with 2500.00 for removing garbage from the house in which 2 previous tenants had lived with for the past 5 years it was rented. I refused to live with it or the smell or stench of it. It was all over the basement, especially piled inside the last bedroom which was flooded when the outside pool had collapsed into the house and flooded it causing lots of damage to the carpeting, gyproc, plastic, his furniture, bags and boxes of dirty, filthy clothes, bedding, which included live snakes and live rats which were inside it as I picked them up to take outside. I am deathly afraid of snakes and do not like rats, but you are not allowed to kill them or you will be charged so I had to humanely have them removed and it cost me to do that also. All in all it took over 7 trailer loads and several car loads for me to have all of it removed. Their was old dried dog feces left inside the kitchen cupboards and on the floor of each room inside the house, in the basement and inside the garage.

The basement had 6 inches of water all inside the laundry room floor, all the water pipes inside the walls and ceilings were leaking non stop, so you were having a shower while walking down stairs into the basement and laundry room. There was only one small bedroom usable inside the whole house.

I contacted the lawyers of the landlord & tenant board and spoke to one and also another lawyer from the legal clinic in that area. Both of them told me NOT TO PAY RENT UNTIL THE LANDLORD DEDUCTED WHAT SHE OWED ME, so I followed their advice, after all they are lawyers should know what they are talking about not me.

The day Marc left on 11Aug16 at 1130 hrs., he had called a plumber who had attended and spent 30 mins there about the problems inside the house. The toilet was leaking not working the whole time I lived there from 01Aug16-26Jul17. I had to pay and assume all the bills from the previous tenants, the landlord said I was responsible for their rent as she had not received their rent in July so she needed it so I had to pay it, I refused. I had to assume their hydro bill of 483.00 which was not paid from June 2016 or have the hydro disconnected on 08Aug16 at 1130  hrs., I had 4 fans running constantly the house was over 100 degrees, all of my animals would have died so I told them I would assume it to keep it on and then filed a report from my lawyers from Hydro One.

Enbridge gas sent me a bill for the last tenants to pay for 500.00 I refused to pay that also, they refused to give me my own account #, so until they did I refused to pay my share of their bill. I am not paying for someone else’s bill. It took from Oct 12/16 to 01Apr17 to get them to correct that after many hours with my lawyers.

Marc, Astrid and Will another demented son, had attended the house 29Dec16 at 0530  hrs., fisting the doors and windows, as I did not know they were there as I was downstairs working, and I was not expecting anyone I refused to answer the door bell due to their rude behavior. They had been threatening me since the day I moved in to the day I moved out with lies as well as breaking into the house illegally many times.

I was told by the landlord & tenant board not to pay any rent at the tribunal hearing I had 26Oct16. She said as I was living in squalor, water all over the place only half of the house was habitable I was not to pay the $900.00 she wanted me to and not to pay nothing until I got a notice in the mail from them of what to pay. To this day I have never received anything from them or the landlord as it was all stolen by the landlord or her kids or others they sent over to do it. I was stalked from the time I moved in and moved out by them also. All reported to OPP nothing done about it. Why, the OPP supports landlord and their abuse and tells the tenant they have to do  what the landlord tells you to as they own the house. Wrong. But their negligence in this matter as well as the landlord & tenant board is going to be addressed this year in court. There had been a 4 ft by 3 ft hole in the roof of the garage with snow/rain/animals coming in since winter of 2015 when the roof collapsed and Waitos the company managing the house charged her $800.00 or repairs which should have cost her only 200.00. She gladly paid them but refused to pay me for my costs of living in the house. The basement flooded in early Sept 2016 costing me 342.00 to fix it,I had to clean up water and was totally soaked for over an hour to clean it up. It cost me 340.00 to call a heating company in Nov/16 for them to condemn the furnace so I had no heat for 2 weeks. It cost me 222.00 for an electrician to attend as the power was out as well as the heat for over 8 hrs, before I was able to find a person on a Saturday morning to attend and find out what the problem was. No heat or hydro, very very cold inside the house I was renting.

I contacted the landlord by email to advise her she needed a new furnace and the heating company told me she would have to pay cash for it before they would install it as she had refused to reimburse me for my expenses since I moved in. I asked the landlord to supply heaters, she refused to acknowledge my email and DID NOT SUPPLY HEATERS, SO SHE WAS LUCKY I HAD THREE HEATERS ONLY.

I asked the fire dept the night the furnace was condemned if they would supply any they said no, I also advised the fire chief that there were no smoke alarms working or Co2 detectors working and they did nothing about it when I spoke to them at 2230 hrs., that night it was condemned. SO I LIVED WITH NO HEAT FOR TWO WEEKS,WAS NOT ABLE TO HAVE A BATH, HAD TO GET UP EVERY 2 HOURS EVERY 2 HOURS TO CHANGE THE HEATERS OUT AS I ONLY HAD THREE. I had asked my previous next door neighbor for heaters which apparently they had six of them and they told me to go to hell.Imagine that, I fed them with food when they ran out of milk, eggs, butter, paid medication which I did not charge for then I refused to give her husband any more of my pain medication as he was not returning them to me as I had asked him to. So I stopped giving him my pain medication. It shows you what kind of persons you live near and it is enlightening to know they refused to help you when you asked. Another lesson learned in life.


To be continued.


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