WHY do persons think they have the right to commit fraud or scam an unknown or unsuspecting person under the guise to help them out?

Sick, but true, a lot of persons with an email address, surfing sites like Kijiji to find their next prey. Almost like an unlimited of lakes to fish from.

You contact that person by email or texting them and advise them hey, I can help you out for a price. You don’t like it but you need what you were asking for and they say they have and once you pay, zap, your money is gone and they are laughing at your stupidity or them scamming you while taking your hard earned money.

How many clicks per day on a computer do they do each day to achieve this goal. They communicate with you for months, or years, trying to get hold of your hard earned cold cash that they are after.

Well unknown to them, I reported them to the FBI and IMF, the local police agency in our province would do nothing about it when I reported it to them.

They said they would contact Tipster, Fraud Busters our of North Bay, Ont. and nothing else they can do about it. They refused to contact the FBI or anyone else so I did it myself.

Now, at least something positive is being done about eradicating this crime or knocking one or more persons out of the system to abuse others.

I am writing this to educate you on what is going on out there in never never land, called the internet. So easily to scam or misrepresent your self. No one is the wiser.

Try not to let this happen to you. Take care.


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