Comments To Post on Police Do Under Guise of Working

I have had a lot of negative comments, telling me I am malicious, etc., from people. It is okay to voice your opinion, I do not mind that but do not be rude or cruel to me about it. Those comments were all true, which actually happened to me since 2014.

Or earlier in fact when I sued the OPP for illegally firing me in 2006, I wanted my reputation back, which they destroyed on me so they paid me lots of money to me for comments they made about me while working. I was the highest paid civilian in the history of the OPP who was compensated at the time.

All comments over 50 of them, what is the color of your hair, is it blonde, referring me to a dumb blonde. My hair was blonde at the time, but I am not a dumb, idiot. I graduated with a 99.9& average from grade 12 and my nursing certificate in 1971. I am to this day, the only person who never had to write the final nursing exam in Kingston, I went to school in Belleville.

The persons yelling at me and making comments were persons related to higher ups in the organization, they did not have the experience I did or the education, but were related to others. One a 21 yr old son of a Inspector, his sister got the job I bid on, I had 15 yrs of experience, she had less than 2, but I was not a kid of an this same Inspector, so he made sure she was hired in Trenton, son hired in Smiths Falls, Ont. The female dispatcher worked for OPP for 30 yrs., at the time, but again her sister was in charge of the com centre in North Bay at the time. They got away with it, plus others that were related.

I had lots of relatives working for the OPP, but I never told anyone as I was proud to do it by myself.

It took me 10 yrs to become full time. Why? I would not sleep with anyone. I had lots of propositions while working there but I did not feel I had to use my body to get a job I was an intelligent person.

My uncle was a Judge in Peterborough for 30 plus years, my other uncle was the head of the Medical Examiners in fact he was Chief for a lot of years, my nephews were on the true team in Lindsay.

All of their comments were documented in Human Rights in Ottawa and lawyers and on RMS/OMPAC. Look them up and read them, but beware not 100% is true in fact I would guess most of it is wrong like 99% since 2006. I have asked for a copy of what was on those systems and denied but I will get access to them to correct them.

If anyone wants to say what they want about me that is fine, but make sure it is the true. My own ex and children, sister and her husband lied. Why? To get off on criminal charges.

It took me 10 years to get full time at OPP, I  had to move myself from Wawa to Sault Ste. Marie to Belleville but they paid for me to go to Smiths Falls.

Did you know that the OPP lie to you and try to intimidate you to sign papers to quit they do not want it on your record that you were fired.

They have court every day of the week in Toronto for officers and civilians to deal with in court each day. Imagine the expense of those court cases, and who is paying for them. We are the tax payers of Ontario. Due to their behavior of treating their employees.

If they like you you are okay, but if not they will attack and keep it up until they get want they want. I documented as officers I worked for told me to and being a union steward for lots of years, I knew the importance of documenting things.

I was the only civilian who solved a murder while working the end of my shift. I was the only person working that night that wasn’t sleeping. The two full time dispatchers and Sgt., fell asleep after midnight each night. I being a part timer was the only person who did not fall asleep at work.

It was the end of my shift it was to end at 0400 hrs., but I did not leave until after 0800  hrs., due to this call. I got the man to tell me why me killed the person and how he did it, I had nothing else to do but keep him busy while the officers dispatched by me, arrived at the scene it took over 90 mins for everyone to get there.

Commissioner O’Grady gave me the Civilian Citation for solving that in Oct of 1993 I think it was. To this day I was told no other civilian has received one.

My S/Sgt refused to pay me overtime for that shift, but my Sgt made sure I was paid.

I watched as others, with less seniority then me, get full time jobs I had applied for and was told when there it was mine, in fact it was given to others with a lot less experience than me. Why? The S/Sgt in SSM did not want to lose me so he refused to let me go. My mother was dying at the time, so I was not able to spend time with her before she died. When the com centre in SSM closed I was hired in Belleville, my home town. It was nice to be home again after being gone all over the province for 35 yrs living in Northern Ontario. Upon arriving there I found persons I was working with got the jobs I had been promised by the Inspectors. They had less than 2 yrs on the job, but one was engaged to an officer, who had been killed on the job, other was married to a jail guard. I had to put in 2 grievances to get full time after 10 years because I would not sleep with anyone. But that is life.

I can tell you more stories, but chose not to.

I am not against the OPP, I just do not trust them anymore and have good reason not to.

When someone you were married to for one year, strangles you and gets away with it as he works with police in a town we lived in. He abused me, physically all of my marriage, all reported before and while I was working for and after I was working for them.

My husband got off on all charges, as he was friends or hired their wives or lied.

Despicable but true. He tried to drown me while working all reported, again nothing done in 1995. He threatened to kill me 4 times, 3 times reported to OPP again he was arrested and got off due to illegally labeling me, as he had tapped recorded me without my knowledge and photo chopped pictures of the inside of our house when I was gone to my doctors when he was home on his days off. He told them he was living in squalor, far from the truth, but he got away with it.

The 4th time he threatened to kill me 01Aug14, I told my lawyer. I don’t inform OPP anymore, I inform my lawyers, that way it is documented and if any thing happens to me than the OPP will be sued again by my executor who happens to be a millionaire and she will make sure that is done for me. My husband told me that day, that he could kill me and get away with it, as he was a pathological liar and he lied on a daily basis, nothing he said was true, because of that he was believable by the police, but me because I never lied would not be believed due to that also. He words happen to be very true, but that was before I found out he had taped recorded me.

I wrote a letter to OPP for the first 3 threats to kill me it took them 3 weeks to respond to me. I did not know until March 2016 that my husband had been planning an exit from his marriage since 2001 without my knowledge. He stole lots of money, made sure I was no longer working at OPP, as he would never had achieved his goals otherwise. He had been staying with his long term girlfriend since 1999 to present in Montreal. He told me he had gone for a job interview with SNC I got him his job there in 1998 and told me he was staying with a male friend and his wife.

The officers attending my house on my 44th wedding anniversary when my husband decided after returning home from breakfast he went into the garage 10 mins later and called OPP on me. Why? He wanted his marriage to end on the day it started. He told me to enjoy my fucking day in jail bitch as I opened my garage door to put items in the recyclable container. I had finished all of my house work before going for breakfast that day as I asked him why he took money out of our accounts 3 times that week without telling me so I could balance the bank books. He told me because he could and went into the garage to call police.  My kitchen at the time was not clean so he told them he was always living in squalor. Lies and more lies to achieve his goal.

The two male officers attending that day, the older one who talked to my husband while I talked to the younger one. They arrested him and told me he would be spending 2 weeks in jail. What a joke. He was home screaming yelling at me at the top of his lungs with the same 2 officers by 4 pm that day. I had told the OPP that my youngest son was not allowed on our property, as he had threatened to burn our house down in 2013 as he owed me money. My husband demanded I get it back through small claims court at the time telling me that my family was not through teaching me lessons. I did not know until March 2016 that he had been talking about himself.

The officer I was dealing with asked me to attend the local det., to do a video statement, I told him I could not be gone for more than an hour as I was feeding a baby bird less than one week old every hr on the hr. He promised me I would be back in less than that, so I agreed to go. But he lied to me. He kept on asking me questions, while I waited in the lobby of the office, little did I know he was asking me questions, they talking to my husband to see what his response would be. I waited for over an hour there he kept on telling me every 15-20 mins I would be taken home, but again he lied. I wrote a note for him telling him that I would not allow my son to attend if so he was to be charged with trespassing and walked home, I lived about 10 miles away. I had to take my pain meds and other med, I had on slippers, no shoes and was in old clothes as I was working in my house at the time they came.

I got to the outside of town and a cruiser sailed past me at over 100 kph in a 60 kph zone, he went to the house, he could not find me he found me on his return, so he did a u turn in the middle of the hwy close to town, and pulled up to me and told me to get in the back of the cruiser.

He took off at over 100 kph I still had my both feet outside the cruiser as he left the side of the road, I had to pull my legs in while he was driving and close the door. While enroute to my house, the older male, who had been dealing with my husband was in his early 40’s I never got to know his name. He told me why did I not do what I was told by my husband and sell my house and get rid of the animals like he wanted and downsize like his parents did and enjoy myself. I told him I was planning on staying in my own house with my animals until I died. My husband had never discussed with me to sell my house he knew I would not as I had just moved back into in full time again in 2011 and planned to stay until I died. I only had paid for the house it was what I wanted, but he evicted me out in Apr 2015 by a court order with lies, photo chopped pictures he had taken and tape recordings of me without my knowledge or permission. I told the officer I refused to travel any where with him since 2001 as you could not enjoy holidays with anyone yelling at you and not being able to do what you wanted. He did it to me for my 50th birthday in NY, I had  always wanted to go there he had been several times and hated it, in Hawaii, and Africa the same thing. If I want to go on holidays I want to enjoy myself not being yelled at. We had a cottage for 35 yrs, I sold it as I could not enjoy it as I or we the family were yelled at 24/7 while gone. If you don’t believe me ask our friends of 35 yrs., the Kresins, he had threatened to kill him when drunk one Sat when we lived in Kirkland Lake when he had come down to visit overnight when moving back to BC. They heard it all, their cottage was beside ours.

I felt that officer had over stepped is boundaries by making those comments to me that day and he was negligent in his handling of me inside the cruiser.

A few mins after I returned home by cruiser, my husband came in, yelling and screaming at me at the top of his lungs, I told the officers to make him stop I was not taking his abuse anymore so they both yelled at him to stop. They all three, my husband, 2 officers lied to me and asked to to pack up his clothes,which I did taking me 3 hrs to do so. While they allowed my son, whom I had informed them was not allowed on the property to remove over 20,000.00 items from our property without my knowledge.

My husband took all the money out of the account that night and left me with 3 dollars for one month and laughed about it, while he had over 30,000.00 in one account his had just transferred without my knowledge and over 380.000.00 in his own name. I to this day have not received one cent of that money, he spent it all within 6 months, Why? To prove to the court he was broke, by doing a consumer proposal and putting all of our assets on it and giving me all the debts. It would take me until March 2016 to find out what he did and how he did it and money he stole since 2001, over 12 million dollars without my knowledge. I went through 8 thousand documents 4 times to find that information out.

I was charged by my husband as I cashed a cheque, my paid lawyer told me to do, so I followed his instructions. He was a lawyer I was not, so I figured he knew what he was doing? Do Not Believe Any Lawyers, I certainly do not anymore. Had four lawyers,lied to me which I paid them all of them but they go around telling others they were not, but I have the cancelled drafts to state otherwise not them.

My husband did not want me to have any money out of my marriage of 44 years, I worked four jobs most of my married life, bought and paid for all of my houses, renovated them myself or paid others to do it, maintained them, up to four at a time since 1991. He only had his name on our mtg’s as we were married. Now in hindsight a big mistake. I found out in 2016 how he sold my first house without my signature and knowledge while working for a bank. I put that person the manager and four others in jail for theft. Next one to go will be the ex. He also raped our 2 yr old daughter while in diapers and blamed it on my brother. DNA won out stating him I had it on ice since then.

I spend two years in the criminal court system because of his lies and got off on both.I am going to sue the crown attorney in both or illegal arrest and charges on both of them. I have lawyers waiting to do it. It will be done shortly.

I never knew about that side of the system, but now I do. I found out that 99% of the cases in those courts were based on lies like mine. Imagine that it is mind boggling that that is what is going on. I always thought you had to be guilty to be charged, no.

I was put in jail 3 times because of it also. But that is okay. I like being lied to by police including OPP.

Imagine being in family court from day one, being told by my husbands lawyer that I am a criminal when the only criminal was his client, my husband. Money and lies win out. I have none he has been laughing at me since. He stole my house, my truck, money and what I worked for for 44 yrs. Very Cruel. Watch out he is not done yet.

He carried a shot gun in all our vehicles since we were married, stopped several times by police never found them. He had them in there to use against them. Like he told me since 1970 Police are stupid people, they believe all the lies you tell them. I did not believe him, now I know first hand how true his words were.

I have had police call me and tell me to what not to put into court documents as he and my daughter did not like it, if I continued I would be charged. I told her I would always tell the truth, unlike those two who never told the truth and if she did not like that too bad. She told me a comment that day, I asked her the next day about it and she said she did not say that, but unlike her I taped recorded her conversation with me. I protect myself so I will do what I have to protect myself. I know the police will not do it so I will protect myself from him. He has been threatening to kill me since 1971 now I am worth over 12 million dead not $380,000.00 like he thought I knew about.

That will come to an end shortly, he is going to pay for what he did to me including my sister and her husband. They stole a house from me and $40,000.00 down payment and rent of 2200.00 a month since Dec 2014. Time is running out on them. I am going to enjoy payback. This is not the end of what has happened with OPP. The rest will stay for now.


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