Joan Bell Owner Operator of Jasmines Copywriter


Ontario, Canada, K0J 2J0. Phone: 613 970-6628. Email: joanbell@outlook.com website: www.esterhazey.com

Dear Marketing Professional:

“It’s hard to find a copywriter who can handle Business-to-Business, Alternative Health, Financial, Pets, Web Copy, Media Writing and other writing projects,” a prospect told me over the phone today, “especially for brochures, direct mail, Web sites, and other long-copy assignments.

Do you have the same problem?

If so, please contact me at the above mentioned contact numbers.

As a freelance copywriter specializing in Business-to-Business marketing. I have written two books, numerous safety books for SNC Lavalin for use and distribution to their employees as part of their safety environment/department for their above ground and underground mining, construction, oil, gas, electrical and other industries to prevent accidents in those areas for all of their employees worldwide and locally from 1997 to 2010. It is still in use to this day.

I will provide you with a fee schedule listing what I charge for ads, brochures, and other assignments, and an order form you can use to put me to work for you.

Whether you have an immediate project, a future need, or are just curious, I urge you to contact me.

You want to feel comfortable about a writer and his capabilities in advance…so when a project does come up, you know who to call. Check out my website or LinkedIn for examples of my writing.



Joan Bell

P.S. Need an immediate quote on a copywriting project? Call me at (613) 970-6628. There is no charge for a cost estimate.


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