Landlord#3 continued

She sent  her two boys up 29Dec16 with no notice, it was 0630 hrs., I was in the basement working and could hear the dogs barking, as I walked up the stairs I noticed a pair of men’s legs which did not belong to a police. As the person as fisting the kitchen window not knocking but fisting it I thought he was going to break it.He fisted the doors, windows, for almost 15 mins., I refused to answer it. First of all I am not dress still in my night clothes, not expecting anyone. My phone did not ring. I looked out the front window and noticed a car parked in front of my house with one or more persons inside, with the front pointing towards the bush, north and the passenger window down. It was snowing, cold. I continued with my morning, getting dressed, eating breakfast which they ruined. I opened the front door around 0830 hrs., to take out the garbage and put inside my car. They took their car and parked directly behind me so I could not leave blocking me in. Two men got out of the car, both tall, I did not recognize any one of them initially. The men were talking loud to me and passed me as I was walking out through the gate they passed me telling me they had sent me two emails advising me they were coming into the house whether I liked it or not. I told them they were not entering the house, so they both went into it any ways. I asked them what they wanted and then I recognized one as being the son who had been here 4 days in Aug. Now he took off his hat I could recognize him. The other a smaller version fat, short, told me in a one years old voice that it was his house and I said the house belongs to your mother not either one of you. They started yelling at me and telling me to fuck off and calling me a liar each time I said some thing to them. I asked them to get out I had to pull them both out of the house by their coats. The youngest, fattest one who spoke like a baby pretty scary. I thought he had mental problems. They said they were there to check out the water flooding problems the house has had for the past five years and no one has shown up to repair it even though Marc had told me 11Aug16 before he left with the plumber that day he would contact me in two days to repair it. No one called or showed up so I did it myself over a period of months and it worked.

The youngest son, I did not know his name until I read an email later on that day that it was Will. If they were not going to repair it why show up and threaten and harass me swearing at me for almost an hour. I asked for privacy to call a lawyer they refused. Will put his foot in between both doors so I could not shut the inside steel door or the screen door which has been broken for years and not repaired. Only good thing about it now it could be locked. After about 20 mins he decided to take his feet out of my doors as I could close them, it was snowing, cold and I told him I was going to send a bill to his mother for heat if the door was not closed soon. He said I don’t like the way you have furniture inside this house, I said it is furniture only and boxes packed so he said I am going to call the Fire Dept on me. So I listened to him,they finally left the house and the yard after 20-30 mins later.

I went and typed up a form T2 for another illegal entry. I came back around 1400 hrs., found a business card from the fire chief,  taped over the key hole in the door knob and two sheets of paper one taped to both doors, one backwards other facing towards me. All of it in red Tuck Tape taking up most of both doors and knob. I took that as a threat. They advised me they would be returning between 0800-1700  hrs.,Jan 5/17 for a home inspection. I called the OPP and spoke to PC Cooper to find out if anyone was inside my house while I was gone and if they were here today. He refused to answer my questions. He instead told me very rudely that I as the tenant had no rights, he had spoken to Astrid and both boys when I had not answered the door earlier on. He had called me I told him my phone had not rang so far that day. He called me a liar and kept on telling me in a raised voice that I had to do what I was told and they were in the right I as a lowly tenant had no rights. I had told Marc his mother was told in Oct 2016 she had to contact me only through registered mail, he called me a fucking liar. Said I had lied on everything that was discussed their that day. I thought that was strange as he had not been there and his mother told the tribunal she had not spoken to Marc since 11Aug16 as he was upset at her over me and had refused to speak to her. I found out that was a lie also to gain sympathy with the tribunal. But I pointed out to them that day, she had lied several times. I was told not to pay any rent, that I was not to pay what she wanted and to pay rent to the tribunal and they would let me know what amount of rent to pay from that day forward. As the house was water logged for five years with neg repairs done. The female tribunal told Astrid to get a lawyer and she was not able to evict me as she had planned and had told me so since day one.

The day of the tribunal was 05Jan17 I could not be home and at the tribunal also. Enroute there I became sick and almost passed out outside the car in the dark. Another driver came by and followed me into the next town where I parked my car and he stayed with me until I was well a few hours later. I missed the meeting.When I got home around 1500 hrs., I noticed the gate opened and the front door left open screen one only. Some one had been inside the house while I was gone. Lights were left on, gates I had placed inside left open, I had placed blankets on items to test them they were all moved.The house had been searched every room, boxes moved and opened, thrown all over the place in the basement and other rooms. Landry room left open. I suspect pictures were taken also without my permission or consent of my items and what was inside each room.

I had left 2 dogs in the kitchen and one at the front door so they could not access the rest of the house, they removed the gates so they could.

A drastic breach of privacy,so I did another T2  the next day of another illegal entry.

Last Friday I came home with another business card inside my door from another person. They just will not stop harassing me. They have never been at the house in five years now here all the time. I decided I had been treated very badly by two previous landlords I was not going to be bullied any more and now exercising my rights.

I advised my counselor the next day I had spent the whole day there waiting to speak with him. He told me to get out they were threatening my life and I had the same perception due to their behavior. He told me to get out. No one has houses to rent right now so I am caught between a rock and a hard place. I am only sleeping a few hours each day now, I am doing my housework at night so I can be gone during 0800-1500 hrs, each day to protect my house and myself. Luckily I find myself busy on the computer that time doing business.

What will they do next, who knows but I told my counselor that I would not call OPP as they do nothing. I noticed on 31 Jan17 that I had money missing I had saved and hidden ten thousand dollars, so I typed up a notice to OPP to tell them about it, I told them not to attend the house unless I had made an arrangement for them to attend. It took them almost two weeks to get back to me, they left a msg to call them with no name. I took his two messages off yesterday and called them back and the female answering the phone was very rude to me and hang up as I was talking to her. I could hear phones ringing in the background. Very bad business practice. But that is normal for that towards me any more.






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