My experiences with landlord has been very stressful. This one takes the cake. She has been yelling at me, evicting me verbally, leaving messages on my phone since before I moved in. My phone was not working for about one month or more as it was sabotaged by a person who owed me money and it took me almost a year to figure out what he did to my phone.

After buying a new one. I accessed my messages, I could not believe she was yelling at me at the top of her lungs evicting me. I did not save that message I regret not doing that.

She purchased the house for her son in the military 8 years ago, he lived in it for 3 years, was transferred then she rented it out. I was told she was a negligent landlord, but not to trust her. I guess she has been yelling at the other two prior tenants, that is why they left with out buying it. I was going to purchase it, gave her a list of repairs, which she said she was not aware of. Lots of lies. She knew the other tenants told her.

I noticed items in the house but did not think anything about it until after the last tenants moved out. I was told in the middle of July that I could rent it, I had a choice of 2 houses, one being on a main st this one at a dead end, newer, and had a fenced yard for my dogs.

Little did I know it was filled with garbage. Lots of it. I went in and started cleaning up, the whole house indoors and garage and outdoors.

Grass was 6 ft tall it had not been cut so far this year at all, so I cut it. I removed 10 truckloads/trailer load of garbage from the house/garage and property.

All of it was mostly left from her son who had lived there prior to moving out over 3 years ago, I was the third tenant to live with this mess he left.

I refused to live with dirt, water, mildewed and wet carpeting/gyproc, plastic,  The smell was terrible. I thought it belonged to the tenant who just left but it did not.

She sent up her son who had lived in the house , I found an email when I attended a building which had internet, as I did not as I could not afford it.

Aug 7/16 at 1330 hrs., I read an email from her advising me that her son would be there the next day around 1130 hrs. I asked what he was driving, his name and told her I was not going to be there as I had an appointment.

I went to my appointment, drove to the house and no one was there so I pulled into the driveway to go to another appointment and a truck pulled up blocking me into the driveway. When I got out to find out what was going on he had told me who he was. I asked him to wait while I went into the house to let him in through the garage.

A few mins later as I opened the garage door,he was already inside the garage, he had walked around to the back of the house and let himself in through the door and opened up the garage door.

I asked him if he had a remote to open it and he said no it took me a few mins to figure out he got into the garage.

So I showed him the main problems with the house. I did not know that he was going to be around for the next 3 days from 0800 hrs. to 1730 hrs each day.

I showed him most of the problems, he said he would fix them. He took pictures of all of my stuff inside the house, garage and property and asked me questions of if all of this junk was mine. I was surprised he called all my stuff junk, he called and spoke to his mother on his I phone all day long while taking pictures of the repairs he was going to do.

He demanded I remove all of my items around the bar as there was a water tap he wanted to access and my items were in his way. So it took me over 3 hrs to move almost everything in the basement and find another place for it. After doing so he said to me oh I forgot the tap in question is in the laundry room not near the bar.It was a good thing I had moved those items, I had to repack them all, as they were laying in water all soaked and wet, I had to throw a lot of things out, rewashed them, etc.The previous tenants told me there was water along the front wall but did not tell me it leaked constantly the whole time they were there.

You could not walk downstairs into the basement without getting wet all water pipes in the ceiling in the basement, one bedroom and laundry room was leaking, the laundry room had 6 inches of water in it, the wiring for the washer/dryer was hanging out not attached to the wall and lying in this water, the whole house stunk of water and mold, disgusting. The movers and my neighbors refused to hook up my washer and dryer telling me they did not want to get electrocuted so I finally bit the bullet and did it myself without getting electrocuted.

The house was neglected for the past 5 years by the landlord, if you paid your rent you never heard from her so I was told, that was a lie.

Every room I cleaned up inside the house had dried up dog feces in it, so it had been there for a long time. Including the kitchen cupboards. I am a very clean person a nurse and do not like dirt of any kind where I live.

I did not think I had to call the landlord up and ask her permission to clean up the house, but apparently she did. I found out in Oct 2016. I moved in 01Aug 16 and she thinks I should pay rent for June and July as the previous tenants moved out 15Jun16 and did not pay their rent so the said I had to as she had not received rent for those 2 months.I told her I did not even enter the house to take it until after 16 July 16 as I was deciding between 2 houses.

As I removed garage from the one bedroom downstairs I found live rats, and snakes living inside wet, boxes that were rotting. As I picked up the boxes they fell out, you are not allowed to kill animals so I took them outside and kept them until someone came and removed them with the rotten furniture, carpeting, boxes inside the house.

The son told me his second day there while in that room that all of the garbage was his and he said he had paid someone to remove it and was surprised to find it was still there. I told him all of it would be gone by the end of the month. I did not have a truck any more just a broken down small car my husband drove, and drove the shit out of it, damaged it and lied to a judge to make me take it, as I had refused as the steering wheel had broken twice on it in less than 2 weeks and I had refused to drive it since Apr 20111. But my life is not worth anything only his bank balance so I was told. Laughing as he has over 12 million dollars he stole during our marriage without my knowledge until I put it all together March 2016.

The son opened up and was trying to enter bedrooms occupied by others, and I had to be with him constantly as he would try to sneak into every room in the house to see what I had. He opened up a bedroom downstairs that my niece was sleeping in, she was in the nude and had went to bed late so it was 2 pm and she was still sleeping. So I closed the door on  him as he opened it up. He did not like the fact I would not let him enter. I got sick and tired of him telling his mother all day every day he was there that my furniture and items were junk to him. He spoke in french and I could understand most of what he was saying and playing dumb about it.

He repaired only what he wanted and told me the bedroom downstairs was wet as the pool which was in dire need of repair for years and unsafe and unusable and they had refused to cover it up or remove it for the past few years. You could get killed if you fell into it and because of it a beautiful walled patio deck was not usable. If you fell in how were you going to get out with no ladder that is if you survived not being killed by the metal sticking out of it all around it and the blocks of blocks inside it not with standing the minnows which was surviving in it, I don’t know how they did but they did.

He should have replaced all the doors but only changed the locks so they could lock, the front steps were all rotten he only repaired the rotten wood, left all the junk he removed and wood he purchased for me to pick up.

He rented a weed eater for a day, used it for 2 hrs and ran out of feed so he was done. I had to cut branches of trees around the whole house including the front steps and patio deck near the pool. He repaired the wiring in the garage only. He took off my kitchen door and I had to repair it. He told me a plumber he called and attended the last day he was there would be back in 48 hrs to repair the leaks guess what I did it myself. The toilet flooded I

I told him it had to be repaired I had to pay for it. The owner refused.

So far it has cost me 2500.00 for garbage removal, 15 gals of oil left inside rotten plastic pails which if you picked up would fall apart so we had to do it delicately for removal to dump for disposal.

I had to pay for the hydro from the last tenant which was 500.00 dollars or my hydro was to be disconnected less than 2 weeks after I moved in as they had not paid it. The gas bill of 500.00 has not been paid by the previous tenant I had to pay for that I have refused have had lawyers working on that since Oct 2016.

I had to take her to court. While at the first meeting I knew of which was Oct 21/16 the other one was 2 weeks prior and I did not receive the notice until 2 weeks after the fact. The landlord showed up I had never seen her or knew what she looked like. She suggested mediation I agreed in there the mediator and the landlord yelled at me telling me that I should have asked permission from her before removing any garbage. I told them I had no working phone or vehicle at the time.

November 12/16 the furnace blew apart I had no heat for 2 weeks before it was repaired.Luckily I owned 3 heaters myself which I used. I asked the landlord to provide them she refused. I asked my previous neighbors to lend me some, they told me to fuck off. I was freezing and no heat could not shower, bathe for 2 weeks. I finally called the health clinic and they called her and told me I was in fault and if no heat was provided that day to call him back.It took 2 weeks to heat the house up at 85 degrees. That was how cold the house was. It was cold out but it was getting colder.

The rest to follow.

























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