I was a landlord for 25 years and never would treat my tenants like I have been treated for the past 2.5 years.

First One: I was there only for 3 months, then I left as I thought I was being stalked and threatened by my landlord.

He was having his neighbors tape record me every day I was there. He begged me to stay until he found out I was leaving after giving him 60 days notice. He broke into my house twice while I was moving out and not home, he came to the house when I was moving with persons I hired to help me and did not know them. He threatened me and told me I deserved to be threatened to be killed, raped by my husband, hit, verbally, mentally abused, my husband abused me for 44 days of my life. Because I had animals.

Before I moved in he told me he golfed with all the Judges in Perth, Ont., owned and rented 15 properties, and if his tenants did not do what he wanted he evicted them. His name was Wolfgang, 67 yr old millionaire, retired for years, flew planes, owned house in Florida.

He took his wife Kathy to Florida to have knee surgery for six weeks, he started calling me on my cell phone, asking me how many dogs I had, etc. every few days. Once home he came by the house every weekend with his wife to check up on me see what I was doing, he pretended he was from the SPCA he wanted to gain access to the house when I was gone one day for a few hours.

The last week I was there he called me a slut a dirty pig, the house was cleaner when I left then when I arrived.My dogs got infections from the insects living in the carpet it cost me over three hundred dollars to clear them up. Ants were crawling all over the house, all the windows did not work, if they opened you could not get them closed all were broken. Dishwasher did not work, no air conditioner so you melted in the heat, I had to buy six  fans just to circulate the air in the house.

I came home one night around 830 pm found he had locked me out of the house I had left my house keys hidden in the kitchen, he disabled the garage door and locked the doors from there I had opened the window in my bedroom the night before it was broken could not shut it, but I pretended it was shut so I opened it and had to climb 6 ft into a dark bedroom onto my bed to enter a house I had paid rent for. Nice guy. I made sure I took my keys with me after that.

He had lots of problems with the house, I listed them all for him and he called me and called me a dirty bitch, as the movers had left a black greasy substance in the bathroom down stairs. I was not aware of it until I did a walk through before I left 10 days before my lease expired. I was going to wash the carpets, but did not as he threatened me and called me every name in the book he left messages on my cell phone. He told people were I moved to which I have no idea where I was moving as I told no one. Especially not him. But he told every one he could where he thought I was.

Landlord 2. The Reynolds. She started stalking me the day I signed the lease, I found a female running away from my kitchen window the night I had signed the lease. Because of it I had to cover my windows up for a whole year. I knew someone was looking into my windows every day, but did not realize it was the landlord until I gave them my notice of leaving. She called OPP on me several times, demanding to know what I was hiding, someone had told them I was hiding things they wanted to know. She danced in her yard one morning the second time she had called OPP on me to gain entry. Both times were done illegally, but the OPP does not support tenants only the landlords. I had had OPP lied to me and tell me to co operate so I will not get a bad reputation for renting. I was shocked at her comment a fellow employee, although retired. They have treated me pretty bad since I retired in 2006.

That is another story to tell.

Because I had put an offer to purchase the landlord used the defects of the house to gain illegal entry to find out what I was supposedly hiding, nothing, just living in a house I rented. The neighbors told me the landlords were on the property every day while I rented it and looking in all the windows. The house was broken into 8 times, I was locked out for 3 hrs one day, I found out it was the landlord doing it all those times, police would do nothing about it. Even the rental company I paid my rent to, lied to me to gain entry the first time with the landlords there. Her husband told me to fuck off when I was explaining to him what the problems in the house was, he did not know me I had never saw him before, I was shocked I told OPP, as usual nothing done about it.


Landlord # 3, St. Hillaires from Montreal. The prize winner. to be followed up later.


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