Letter To My Children Continued


You were the youngest and the closest to me as you shared most everything with me. I didn’t realize you were an abusive person, like your father until 2013 after I paid 3500.00, money you borrowed only from me to pay for a psychiatrist so you could keep custody of your two boys. I didn’t realize you were abusing me for a long time until after 2013, when you threatened to burn my house down and wrote on face book that you hated your parents, may we rest in peace diatribe then. I did not read it, I was told about it only. You wrote a comment about me to the courts this year, calling me Hitler and saying I was brain dead due to some disease as I had birds. First of all lets make this clear. Your father decided in 2001 when I was off work sick that I should have something to do while home not lying around doing nothing. His words not mine. So he purchased birds for me and asked me to pick them up. He purchased most all of my birds. It would take me until March 2016 to figure out why? He was planning on his 14 yr divorce with your sister Jeanette,Boris and his long term girlfriend, Francois. Did you know he was taking her along on jobs with him to Polaris and Brazil, Argentina so they could be together, did you know he rented a three bedroom house on water for her to live in while we lived at the farm and in Wellington. It took me 2 years and going through 8 thousand documents,four times to find out what he did to me and why. I was married to a cheat, liar, abusive person, a con man for 44 yrs., knew him for 50 years. He played me and you kids like a fiddle for his own use only. Do not trust honest safety Edward George Weidhaas DOB: 09Feb1950 whom I got him fired for SNC Lavalin, the only company he worked at longer than 6 months before he quit and took early retirement, telling me he was laid off. Why? He had plans not to pay me support. So far over 2 years later he still hasn’t given me a penny while he stole millions of dollars from me and hid it with his girlfriend and daughter. He took my house, my truck, all my money and is laughing so far he has gotten off on criminal charges due to his lies and manipulation of the OPP, yes, lies and manipulation. He is not planning on retiring only telling the courts then back to work making his over two hundred thousand salary plus incentives and living out allowances he has always earned. You borrowed a lot of money from me and it was a loan only, you refused to pay me back and laughed and lied in court in 2013 when I asked for some of my money back. You suck holed with me, begging me to loan you money for a down payment on a house in Pembroke,so I gave you ten thousand dollars of my money not yours or your fathers. I worked for that not you and definitely not him. You were to pay me back when you sold your house on White Water Road, you did not you bought your house on Hila Rd. Now you are living in a house I paid for not you, while I am homeless, living on the street.

I outfitted your house three times, with furniture from mine, left overs, new appliances, frig,stove, dishwasher, frig/freezer, tables chairs, everything you needed I gave you, I paid your hydro bill for 6 months, bought you two thousand dollars of food as you had no money to feed yourself or your kids, I paid your mortgage payments, gas, repairs to your vehicles, etc. You were to pay it all back, you refused. Well you taught me a lesson as well as your sister and father and your brother and my niece, that you have been living with since 2012.

Janice, her dog got hit, you and she called me up one night around 2030  hrs., crying begging for my help as I knew all the vets in the area and was given discounts by them. You drove down from Pembroke to Belleville while my vet and friend, who was 76 yrs old at the time waited for you at the hospital in Rossmore. He operated on it for over 2 hrs, then took it to Bobs hospital and gave me a bill for $4,000.00 which I paid for off of my credit card a few days later and she refused to pay. I had to take her to small claims court where you both laughed, lied and made fun of me and called me a liar until the Judge called you out on it. Then you added me to your consumer proposal so you did not have to pay me 2 years after the fact. Well a lesson well learned, never to ever trust you again. The only reason I gave you that money as you were the only kid paying back your bills to me. How stupid I was to ever trust you.

You snuck into my house in Perth to help your lying abusing father out June 2014 when he tried to put me in jail on our 44 wedding anniversary. He has only been home for 4 anniversaries since we were married so he told me to enjoy my Fu—g day in jail, bitch, because I asked him why he was taking money out of our account. He had never done that before and had done it 3 times that week.But unknown to me I did not know he was enacting out his 14 year divorce plan, it would take me until March 2016 to figure that one out. But I did. Loud and clear.

You and Janice has seen my eating in the same restaurant as you one Decd 2015 you both looked and ignored me, the next day I saw you in Walmart, you took the boys and left the store. I guess your guilty conscious is really bothering you. But do not fret, I lent you and purchased cars for you, got you hired with the OPP as well as your father, I got you into the military full time as someone had black listed you and one of my OPP colleagues helped you out and you were hired full time,thanks to me and him.

He would be ashamed of you right now. Goodbye and do not attend my funeral, it is paid for and I don’t need help from you or the likes of you. As I said if I had kids like you who needed enemies.




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