Feeding The Outside Birds

This time of year is important to feed our animal friends outside. Food is scarce this time of year, all the animals including the squirrels and chipmunks need food. If they know there is a food supply they will come out in the worse cold weather to eat each day. I know I have been feeding birds and other animals, deer, turkeys, ducks, etc. for years now. I enjoy looking outside my window and watch them eat. How they interact while eating, how they eat, play etc is very interesting and entertaining. I enjoy watching any type of kind of animal in the wild.

I know I have been doing my small part in life making sure the animals are looked after.

I even take the dead animals off the road. It was not there fault they were killed so why leave their bodies to be ran over and over again until there is nothing left of them. I pick them up gently and place them on the side of the road. Humans are cruel to animals some times.

I feel you have done unto you what is done to you.

So please help feed the outside animals. I have never had squirrels or chipmunks get into my house because I have fed them. They burrow their nests close to the house or food source but never have they entered mine.

I have heard stories over the years. So far I have been lucky.

Enjoy watching the wildlife in their natural habitat. I do.


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