I walked into court one day recently and found out I was evicted from my own house which I had lived in and owned by myself since 2005.

Imagine having 300 birds and 20 dogs with nowhere to live. I found houses to rent but all the landlords have been breaking into my house while I was gone which makes me feel unsafe to live there and worried about the safety of me and my animals.

I need support to purchase a new house, one I can never be evicted out of again, or have someone gain entry because they own it. I have owned my own house since I was 18 years old. I didn’t realize I would be left broke at my age of 64 yrs., and homeless.

I have found a house to purchase but need support through donations to help me achieve this goal, so I can live in a safe environment again.

Your support, through donations is key in solving this problem by helping Jasmines Sanctuary find a safe and secure home again.

Would you consider donating one hundred dollars or any amount to help us achieve this mission?

We thank you in advance for your support! Your donation is greatly appreciated and will be used to purchase a new house for Jasmines Sanctuary. You can either donate on line at or call me at 613 970-6628, or send a check to Joan Bell, Box 314, Chalk River, Ont. K0K2J0

P.S. I only have one month to achieve this goal, as we have been evicted again. I have been living in a house with no heat for past three weeks, using heaters to keep warm, sleeping only 30 mins at a time to rotate heaters, the electricity has been off a lot due to overloading the panel box with just 3 heaters on. The landlord is taking her time replacing it and refuses to supply heaters. Our goal is $390,000.00. Thanks.



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