Birds need nutritional foods in order to live and thrive healthy through out their lives. Making sure they get a mixture of seeds, pellets, fruits, vegetables and staying away from the ones which will kill them instantly such as avacados, chocolate. Check their droppings each every day to make sure no one is sick or have liver problems. If the colour or constituency changes and see if it clears up or needs medical attention. If so do not hesitate to take them to a vet to get checked out. Birds will hide their illness for up to three days and then they are dead, it happens quite fast. So beware of any habitual changes in how they play, fly etc. See if another bird is injuring or bothering them they try to correct the problem. My birds love sweets, so I give them fresh fruits, vegetables every day, they like to sneak pop, sugar, white or brown or chocolate, but they can only have it in moderation but never chocolate. They like to steal what they know they are not allowed to have like humans. Like diabetics in people, eating what they are not allowed or able to eat each day. So keep your bird friends healthy.


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