Toys, need to be small or big in size depending on the area and what you want to achieve for the birds and type of birds also. For bigger birds which chew through wood you need wood like apple, hardwood, ironwood, purple or green wood they make docks out of to last for 50 yrs or more, as McCaws can chew through wood in no time at all. Mine likes playing and laying under his hard hat toy inside his cage, someone took a metal food container and drilled at hole in the middle of it and hung a chain and put coconut shells, which is also hard to break apart and last a long long time. Zeus loves to hang out literally under this toy all day long, he must enjoy the feel of the metal over top of his head or he feels he is hiding from someone or something which ever to make him happy. Toys also alleviate damage they do to your house, as they like chewing on trim, or walls, if they do not have enough to keep them occupied all day long. So it is cheaper and safer for them and you to make sure birds have lots of toys to play with and occupy their little minds each every day to keep them safe and happy little fellows.


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