Flocks or one on one, they like to be in pairs but they are also by themselves, just like humans are sometimes. They are always happy, love washing, playing, interacting, like sleeping inside your clothes, they will get down and quiet while you sleep, they will sleep you just have to make sure you remember where they are so you don’t hurt them so you don’t roll over on them, etc. They like perching on top of doors, they do not realize they could get killed so you have to take them off each time before you close or open a door and make sure they are not on it. But that is what being part of a bird family is being aware of what is going on, if they cry baby, baby, then you know someone is lost or injured and they are telling you and you will have to check and find out what it is they are trying to tell you is the problem each time to help them. Part of life like having kids but different. Both need help to live/survive. Just like humans do.


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