Birds on Jasmines Sanctuary

Moving, birds seem to know if and when you are changing their environment. They keep watch of what you do each every day and when they see you packing or unpacking then they fly around faster, talking, chirping louder and louder until they realize they are not going any where at the moment but some time maybe, time will tell. As I said birds are very intelligent beings, you can watch, observe their behavior, they basically do the same things every day, except when they are in hormonal load then they are seeking/looking for places to hide in which to lay their eggs, undisturbed and live in a quiet environment. I make sure I provide them with houses in which they are safe and to provide security protection for them while they are looking after their young and then teaching them how to fly, that is very interesting to watch, they all get into the act then protect teach the young ones before they leave the nest.


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