Birds are making their way through life, being happy, wanting to be with their mommy or daddy, the human that is caring for them each/every day. They like continuity, being treated with care and respect like we like to be treated each/every day. Their hormones kicks in about 9 out of 12 months, so they are always nesting looking for places to hide to lay their eggs. They don’t realize what where they are is dangerous until it might be too late. One day I found a conure on top of my dishwasher in the back of it and top of it, it is a wonder it was not killed but I caught it in time and blocked off with sterofoam and tape to keep them out of that area. Another time a sun conure chewed through a wall in my kitchen, five birds were missing for two days before I found out where they were. In fact my pom, Willow told me where they were, she heard them inside the walls, so she laid down where they were until I figured it out, and rescued them, all lived. Thank goodness.


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