A Person With More Than One Face

You think you know a person after 50 yrs, then find out one day, the person you married was playing you as a con job, only married you as you were the only person who refused to sleep with him. On day three of our marriage, he told me while enroute to our new first apt together, that he had never been faithful, never would be faithful to me and he had slept with my girlfriend out in the barn while we were having our wedding reception at my parents  house. I was devastated. I learned then that my life was not going to be what I thought it was and it wasn’t. I spent it all alone, with only my children and my working environment to keep me busy. Every time I had a girlfriend he would destroy those relationships why control. A different face to what ever con game he was playing out or enacting at that particular time. Cruelty has no boundaries.


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