jeckyl and hyde

it is going to be published shortly. Seeing the person whom I was married to and realizing that all I ever was was a fifty year con game for a person who told me he loved me but instead of loving me continually abused me even to this day. I am sure he is treating his girlfriend better than he ever did me, but that is normal isn’t it. He got off on 4 charges of death threats in early 2014, hitting me, pushing me around the house, raping me, verbal, mental, physical, sodomizing me etc, and my 2 yr old daughter. How, labelling. I never knew that another person could label you and make a difference in your life without medical proof, but he did with his lawyer. Imagine a fourteen year divorce plan with zero zero divorce so he wants and is striving for and will not get takes a lot of lying, deception, planning, not only with himself, but our daughter, whom he raped since age 2 and in diapers until she was 11 yrs old, he stopped once he figured she would start menstruating, he did not want to impregnate his own daughter. I couldn’t figure out until recently how a 4 yr old girl, who did not see anyone else except me her father, brother, and doctors and babysitters, would know about divorcing. She was coached by her dad, cruelty has its limits, but raping me is bad enough and destroying my life but he did it to all of our children. He really needs to be punished for what he did. But karma will take over so they say.


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