jasmines sanctuary

todays help hint is environment. Without it birds or any animals due not live or thrive, happily or healthy. They need a mixture of toys, room to move, fly in and walk around it, places to perch or land on, and feel they can go where they want to in their own environment. Making sure no one can get injured or get outdoors into the wild. The unknown for them, even though they might think they would enjoy it, after a few mins they get scared and start crying if out for more than three days, they usually die from no food as they do not know how to forage for their food as it is given to them when they want it each time by flying down to where it is and consuming it each time. If predators do not get them, then getting them back takes planning. Taping them with their own kind, while putting out an open cage so they might be able to fly into as they hear their own kind on the tape recorder. That is if they come back, they usually do for the first 24-72 hrs.


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