Lessons Learned In Life

Little did I know the lessons my immediate family and my sibling family would teach me within the last few years. They have been very hurtful and hard but I came away with knowledge of knowing the person better than I thought I did after each one. Imagine knowing your spouse of 44 years would turn on you why because you were a fifty old con game which he played from start to finish, abusing, using, you the whole time while he enjoyed watching the game he was playing with you all the time. Like a hooked fish baited on a hook, trying to figure out what it would do before you took it out of its element, water. My element was my house, which was stolen from me, how as a person you trusted had their name as co applicant and got a judges order through lies, submitting photo chopped pictures, from a camera which was to be used and taken out of the house because the person said he needed it for work, I knew it was a lie but never thought he would use it to destroy me and my life, through his plans for the past fourteen years or more. Taping you while he was yelling, screaming at you and using both illegally in a divorce court and judges, lawyers allowing him and his lawyer to use something not allowed in court and getting away with it and not allowing you access to what it was he supplied to get his divorce therefore you are not allowed or entitled to full disclosure in a court case. Imagine Judge Abrams telling you that you have to obey court orders but your ex spouse does not have to. Judges thinking they are above the law and do things which you have asked them not to do and then they go ahead and do what you asked them not to do before they have all the information on the subject before hand. Lawyers/Judges lying in court or law, dispicable, divorce court should be called on sided affair and should be called criminal court instead to the illegality of what is going on inside the court room each day you are present.


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