Nothing like being evicted when you are 63 yrs old, twice, and again at age 64 yrs. old as someone wants to sell the house you are renting. My house sold last week without my knowledge or permission. It sold for what I paid for it originally. I put 300,000.00 into it and when I saw it the other day, it was demolished all the work I had done to it, gone. All the trees, shrubs, flowers, fencing, gone. Torn down. Why, because I was married to a very selfish, abusive, controlling husband, who planned a fourteen year divorce without my knowledge, stole lots of money, pretended he was broke, so he could get a zero/zero divorce. I feel groundless for the first time in my life. I have owned my own house since I was eighteen years old. I should be enjoying my retirement years but am now grovelling just to survive, one day at a time. Pretty pathetic. No one and no body as you have no money. Imagine that. Food for thought.


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